Organization development (OD)
First step of an OD process is to analyse current operations of the organisation. The major objective is to best support value creation and business strategies, thus we examine how the organisation is structured, how its competencies and skills aligned - or not aligned - with these corporate strategies, and value creation objectives.

Thus we would examine:
1. If the cascade of objectives is aligned with the strategy
  • Team and individual objectives should be set with the overall strategy in mind.
  • These objectives must be clear and understood.
  • The regular review of objectives must fine tune and correct any potential deviations.
2. How the organisation's structure is supporting value creation and strategies
To what extent the structure is optimal
What causes the misalignment?
What corrective actions should be taken to recreate synergy?

3. The necessary and satisfactory human resources.
We examine if there is enough knowledge, skill, competence, headcount to perform the activities the deployed objectives would demand, and importantly, if the key positions are filled with the right talent; if there is succession planning in practice, and what productivity it has.

4. Accountabilities and Responsibilities
We examine if the accountabilities and responsibilities are clear and understood and well adjusted to the key positions, if there is appropriate and articulated empowerment from the owners.

5. How Internal communications work
We analise if the internal communication has means and ways that are known and used, if the flow of information is two-way really, what qulitative and quantitative traits and characteristics there are.

6. How motivational systems are set
  • Are there motivators and/or systems at least for the key positions?
  • If there are, are they really motivating?
  • Do these systems really foster value creation?
Standard HR processes
Are these processes, such as recruitment, training, compensation and pay, etc. in legal compliance with the law