Operation Optimization looks at the company from several aspects, approaches its performance from several levels. The primary aspect of course is the corporate value creation. We consider all products, services that the customer is willing to pay as value. Operation Optimization includes a review of internal process of value creation, resources analysis, mapping and optimizing the so called value creation chain.

We would examine therefore:

The correlation of the strategic goals and the daily activities
How much the daily operation and routines aligned to strategic goals, what are the discrepancies, and what might be the root cause of these.

How the value creation chain works
How much the value creating processes are understood, supported, what quality these processes are at.

What the role of different functions is within value creation
How various activities, functions are linked in to value creation, what the interdependencies, overlaps, white spots are, i.e. how value creation is managed.

How the resources are allocated
We analyse if the required and satisfactory resources are available, and if these are allocated appropriately, if key personnel has the required knowledge and skills to deliver the tasks.

What the available external & internal reserves are, and how these could be utilised
Discover and list all the available reserves in product and/or service portfolios, intellectual capital, that can be churned out with relatively modest investments.

What the losses & bottlenecks are
What the bottlenecks of processes are that slow down or eventually block value creation. Discover unnecessary or latent sources of loss, review if there are any activities to identify, correct and eliminate these sources.