Business consultancy
Companies and managers understanding and accepting the need for change would strongly benefit from our external, independent consultancy and support.

During the past 20 years we have lead several successful change projects and thus we accrued an immense amount of experience and knowledge as what pitfalls to avoid and more importantly what solutions work. This is what we line up for our Clients' benefits in a way that they take maximum advantage of it. We do not come up with ideas that sound pretty yet not practicable at all.

Business consulting in our practice consists of four main stages:
  1. Audit
  2. Analysis
  3. Proposal for change
  4. Implementation support
Before initiating the audit process we always meet personally the owner / manager of the given business. At that meeting we review the overall business situation, the past development stages of the firm to the current status, what the owner considers as the primary questions to be answered, what the key objectives are, and we identify together how success would look like at the end of the project.

The standard work process we follow:

1. We indulge in the daily work life, routines of the firm, observe and review the work processes, examine and analyse the related corporate documents. We make comprehensive interviews with the owner / manager, and the selected key employees.

2. As a next step we synthetise, analyse the collected data, looking for processes, hubs, bottlenecks, sources of losses, where we would intervene, improve or eliminate in order to enhance operations.

3. The proposal for change contains a description of the current status of the organisation, and the exact definition of the suggested corrective measures and their consequences. We describe the needed resources and the necessary decisions to be taken for the implementation.

4. We prepare a master plan for the implementation and support, from the communication of the change to the end status.

We would undertake comprehensive, all-in assignments as well as smaller scale consulting projects, looking into one specific area, or looking at the whole from one specific aspect, very much tailored to the requirements of our Client.