Waste elimination and bottle neck analysis
What constitutes a loss? - Every activity, action, resource exploitation that is not fostering value creation.

We analyse the operations of your company only through the lenses of occurring losses and their root causes; we would only unveil these losses and make firm proposals to eliminating them.

What we look at is:

Business process optimization

How the process itself works, if critical points are known and managed appropriately.
Are there redundant loops in the process, potential partial processes which slow down the mainstream, and if yes, what is the best way to eliminate these.

Where do losses incur, what are the root causes
  • Identifying the area of loss incurrence
  • Identifying sources of loss
  • Root cause analysis by using the 5-why method
Hidden sources of losses
  • Discovery and identification of hidden sources
  • Eliminating hidden source
Loss mitigating activities, methodologies
  • Sharing generic loss mitigating techniques
  • Implementing, training these techniques