Leader development
We refuse to further load the already overloaded leaders with an other pack of "knowledge" that they would simply slid into the shelf - and call it development. We are determined to keep the focus on skills, abilities, competencies that are useful and needed for them to perform their daily job in a most efficient way.
This means that we share, train, and thus transfer our experience and practical knowledge that we accumulated and synthetised during the 20 years in multinational businesses. A leader in our philosophy is a colleague, a boss, a team member at the same time, who is also a role model for others and creates value for the company.

Our duty therefore is two fold:
On one hand we look at the individual, who fills the position, has got views, feelings, personality, skills and competencies to develop. On the other hand we see this individual as a leader of other people, who leads through multiple interactions, takes his team with him to achieve the set goals.

An inevitable prerequisite of the success of any training program is a preliminary diagnosis of the exact needs, and understanding of what good would look like at the end, since this is the knowledge that drives us to tailor our work to deliver exactly against these needs and expectations.