Quality management
Our target is to ensure that the Hungarian companies can meet the quality, safety and environmental requirements of local and international markets.

We offer the help of our Quality Consultant if:

  • You do not have resources, do not want to employ a full time quality manager, but your company needs a well established and managed system, or well defined modules of the system.
  • The guarantee of a reliable and consistent quality is a challenge for your company.
  • You would like to increase the satisfaction of your customers.
  • You need a comprehensive picture of your supplier base that would ease your strategic decisions.
  • You would like to get the ISO 9001:2000 certification, or want to be prepared for the surveillance ISO audit.

Our quality consultant is a member of the European Organisation for Quality (EOQ) as Quality systems manager. She worked 17 years in multinational environment, out of which 10 years on the quality management field at the European headquarter of SABMiller, one of the biggest brewing companies in the world, and at the Hungarian branch of Rexel, that provides supply chain services of power station parts worldwide mainly for General Electric.