Bottle neck analysis
Any areas within a company, such as information flow, task management, decision making, human resources and others, which do not work or operate in line with the optimal operation, but are slow, delayed, problematic, thus endangering appropriate functioning of the company are deemed as bottleneck areas. Our analysis looks at the processes in a way that on top of identifying these areas it provides proposal to eliminate the issues.

We would look at:
1. Capacity of key processes
  • Mapping out each key process, examination of critical steps in each process (weakest chain link principle).
  • Proposal to speed up or fix the weakest link in the process in order to optimize process flow.

2. Quality and speed of decision making
  • How important decisions are prepared and made, how information travels, what the roles are in the process.
  • If making, executing, communicating decisions is up to general expectation.

3.Potential conflict deriving from either non-existence or overlapping of responsibility scopes
  • Mapping out accountabilities and responsibilities, if these are clear and unambiguous - who is responsible for what.
  • If responsibilities and accountabilities harmonised.
  • If there are conflicts of interest in the organisation as a result of misalignment in the accountability-responsibility-empowerment triangle.

4. Functioning of task management
  • Mapping out process of task management
  • Handling generic and ad hoc tasks
  • Evaluation of follow up

5. Workload of key personnel
  • Is workload on key people right in time and quantum?
  • Identification and analysis of peak loading
  • Load optimization