Quality management support
Work out, implement and support quality management and assurance systems:
  • identify quality policy and set quality targets
  • prepare or help in the preparation of the quality manual
  • establish controlling and preventing systems,
  • possible further development of the current systems.
Review the existing quality management / assurance systems, work out improvement options and implement them:
  • Analyse the modules of the existing systems and their connection points; the type, the analysis methods and further use of collected data,
  • Based on the result of the above analysis propose changes that ensure easier identification of focus areas, and short and long term improvement of them.
Establish and implement supplier performance evaluation system:
  • Work out a comprehensive supplier performance evaluation system,
  • Develop the supplier audit matrix (templates, frequency, evaluation, etc), that can be used for further development of the suppliers so they can be included into the approved supplier list.
  • Conduct supplier audits and follow up the implementation of the required actions
Prepare the company for ISO 9001:2008 certification or surveillance audits:
  • Prepare, standardise or update the required quality documentation (or provide help) according to your expectations;
  • Conduct the internal audit required by ISO 9001:2008, ;
  • Suggest corrective and preventive actions, organise and / or lead the management review meetings.
Customer satisfaction survey:
  • Work out the customer satisfaction system,
  • Complete the survey,
  • Identify the areas for improvement based on the received information,
  • Establish development plan.